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Pet Chip Registry
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How to register a microchip  

  • Visit "Register a microchip"
  • Enter microchip number
  • Submit current contacts
  • Add a photo
  • Choose databases
  • $24.00 AUD payment

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If your pet's account is not displaying, please visit this link to get your pet's account active and searchable again!

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Add your pet to Australia's National Database.

Australia's Animal Microchip Look-up
Search 1 million records in just one second.

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Update Your Pet's Microchip Today!  

Once your pet's microchip is registered, your contact information will be accessible at the National Pet Microchip Registration Database for as long as you own your pet.

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Pet Chip Registry registers and displays owner contact information for all brands of pet microchips including Home Again ®, AVID™ AKC CAR/EID™, Digital Angel®,  ResQ®, ALLFLEX®, Schering Plough™, 24 PET WATCH™, Lifechip®, Banfield®, Crystal Tag™, Datamars™, & Destron Fearing™ once submitted.

Pet Chip Registry Online is part of a multi-country organisation designed as a quick reference tool for animal care groups and veterinarians.

Add Your Pet to Australia's National Database

Register a New Pet Microchip
Keeps your contact information accessible at the
National Pet Microchip Registration Database.

Update an Existing Microchip
Use your pet's existing microchip and submit your contact information.

Transfer a Pet's Microchip Account Information
Registered pet has a new home?

Multi-Pet Discount
Register 3 or more pets for one low fee.

Report your pet lost
Post a Lost Pet Bulletin

Microchip ID Tags
More pets are returned to their owners
due to ID tags, than microchips. All tags $18.00 AUD

Update Your Existing Account
View or request changes to your contact information.

View Your Pet's Page or Update Your Existing Account  

View Your Pet's Account
Login to view your pet's page here.

Update Your Existing Account
View or request changes to your contact information.

Add a Photo to Your Account
Add a photo to your pet's-page for more undeniable proof of ownership.

Microchip ID Tags
More pets are returned to their owners due to ID tags, than microchips. Metal ID tags, $18.00 AUD.

Quick Renew: Renew Your Pet's Registration
Activate an expired pet-page.


Add Your Rescue Group
Add your rescue group to our list of trusted, active United States animal shelters and rescue groups.

Rescue Groups Register Free
Put shelter animals into the National Database.

Order FDX-B Microchips
Wholesale prices on pet microchips.

More Transfer Applications
Print transfer applications for new pet owners

Pet Chip Registry AU is designed to give busy veterinarians, animal shelters and rescue groups, easy access to registered owners of lost pets. Our only goal is to limit the time that our members spend away from their frightened pets.

Microchips are great. The problem is that far too many pet's microchips are unregistered.

With the Pet Chip Registry AU , busy veterinarians and shelters can visit the National Online Search Engine and simply enter the microchip number. When the microchip number is entered, the name of the owner, with a photo of the pet, as well as four different forms of contact for the current registered owner, will instantly display on the screen.

We believe in the power of the internet in order to return pets to the families who care for them. Our job is to monitor, correct, change, update, protect and maintain your contact information while keeping it accessible.

Your job is to keep your pet from ever needing these services.

Pet Chip Registry is not responsible for any persons misrepresenting ownership or submitting false information. Pet Chip Registry accepts no responsibility during litigation over ownership of an animal.

© 2004-Present, Pet Chip Registry, all rights reserved.